29.10.2020EVE X und SAI JAIDEN LILLITHFucking, Blow Job, Horror2020
  • 43:52 Minuten
  • FullHD

I call for a lover, to trace the currents of pleasure on my skin...


Lillith answers my call, form materialising from ether, entering my Circle of Summoning… 

My wards and protections are tested by Lillith’s voracious hungers… Licking and caressing my naked form, Lillith binds me with my own light, feeding upon my cunt and my cascading waves of orgasmic energy. 

I must fight darkness with darkness, and under veil of shadow I devour Lillith's cock, binding the demon with my wicked lips and tongue. Lillith is driven into wild abandon and slides Her cock deeply into my cunt, consummating our union...

As I ascend higher into throes of ecstasy, I tempt the demon to fill me with Her seed, Her essence, Her power…

But Lillith is insatiable and after cumming once, throws me into position after position, utterly consuming me. 

In a divine delirium, I call upon my deepest resources, straddle the demon Lillith, and slide my crucifix into Her mouth… claiming Her. In Goddess pose, I ride Her with wild abandon as She bucks beneath me, reaching earth shattering screaming orgasm together, as Lillith explosively fills my womb with Her Demon Seed…

Entangled and spent, our juices glisten in the light of night…


An Erotic & Esoteric Romance of Flesh & Spirit


Starring Eve X & Sai Jaiden Lillith

Produced by Sai Jaiden Lillith

Original Music by Sai Jaiden Lillith

www.theevex.com | www.fieldsoflillith.com



THE SUMMONING v2 Blind Devotions



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